Xiaomi M365: Magnetic Charging Port Upgrade

Overall, the Xiaomi M365 is a great electric scooter. However, like most electronic gadgets, it does come with some design flaws which in many cases can be fixed relatively easily and at little cost.

The original charging port cover/cap on the M365 is not well made. If I remember correctly, it was the first thing that broke on my M365. The red soft rubber cap simply broke off from the rest of the charging port.

As simple as it may seem, the cover is a crucial part of the scooter. The charging port is located on the bottom aspect of the deck, which makes it vulnerable to damage from the elements, especially water. The charging port cover plays a crucial role in protecting it.

Anyway, when my original charging port cover broke off, I bought a replacement. The replacement was made of different material, a bit harder in texture than the soft original cap. I would say it’s a mix of rubber and plastic to give you an idea of what it feels like.

Both the original soft rubber cover and the harder and more dense replacement are relatively difficult to pop into the charging port cover. Sure, it takes me 20 seconds to get it into place, but each and every time it takes some wiggling to get it in, which annoys me.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Charging Port Set

I bought an original Xiaomi M365 Charging Port set for about $12, which is not that bad. Especially if you take into consideration the ease of use and protection that it will bring.

So, I decided to but a magnetized charging port from the Xiaomi M365 Pro and was nicely surprised how easy the upgrade was. It literally took me 5 minutes from start to finish.

Upgrading Xiaomi M365 With a Magnetized Charging Port

  • Cost: $12
  • Time to complete: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty level: very easy


  1. Locate the charging port on your M365.
    It is located on the bottom of the deck, left-hand side.
    Silly instructions – if you’ve been riding your M365 for a while, then you should have no problems finding the charging port 🙂
Xiaomi M365 Charging Port Cover

2. Remove the two screws holding the charging port…
You will need a small Phillips screwdriver for this. Be careful not to damage the screw heads as they seem fairly fragile.

Remove the screws holding the original charging port cover…

3. Remove the original rubber cover…
Be careful not to break it in case you want to revert back to the original cover.

Remove the original charging port cover…

4. Place the magnetized charging port cover into place.

Magnetized cover and screws (M365 Pro)

5. Secure the charging port with two magnetized screws included in the set
For this you will need a hex bit, instead of a screwdriver.

Install magnetized screws into place…

6. Congratulations, you’re done!

Magnetized charging port cover on a Xiaomi M365

When I initially attempted to replace the original charging port with one from M365 Pro, I was expecting to have to remove the entire charging port. I was nicely surprised to find out that all that is needed to do is to replace the rubber cover and the two screws. That’s all. There is no need to open the deck and replace the actual charging port on the inside.

Cheap and easy upgrade that I highly recommend to anyone using a Xiaomi M365.

More Xiaomi M365 Upgrades

I will be posting instructions on much more upgrades for the M365. I already purchased a number of different parts and am ready to start customizing my M365.

The things that I will be writing about in the very near future, include: easy to install custom turns signals, large and bright headlight, extra internal battery, various suspension mods, a number of different options for securing your Xiaomi M365 while it is parked. There’s plenty of work to do.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you found this information useful.

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