Waterproofing Xiaomi M365: You Must Do This

For many individuals, the M365 is a vehicle used for the daily commute. Actually, more and more people are ditching their their cars and public transportation, and hopping on their micro-mobility vehicles, like electric scooters, instead.

Commuters are especially at risk of damaging their electric scooters simply because they are more likely to ride them in the rain. We all know that as a general rule you shouldn’t be riding your M365 in the rain mainly due to safety concerns, but water damage is another important risk factor.

Is Xiaomi M365 Waterproof?

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is rated IP54, which means that it is relatively resistant to dust and splashing water. It is not waterproof, therefore it may suffer damage when exposed to significant amount of water.

What Parts Can The Water Damage?

The power switch located on the dashboard has a groove that’s about 1 mm deep. Rain water will accumulate there and slowly drain inside directly onto the circuit board that lies about 1 cm below it.

Charging port is located on the bottom aspect of the deck. It is relatively well protected by the rubber cover that plugs into it and makes it relatively resistant to water. However, the cover can easily get damaged. If this happens, you should replace it as soon as possible, because an unprotected charging port can cause problems when exposed to water.

The Xiaomi M365 battery is located in the deck, so it is relatively vulnerable to water damage. However, the protective plate at the bottom of the deck with its seventeen screws make for a relatively water-tight enclosure. In addition to that, the actual battery and the BMS are further protected by plastic. Unless you are riding through six inch water puddles, I wouldn’t be worried too much about water getting into the battery compartment and causing any damage.

Electric motor is a crucial component that may get damaged if you ride your M365 through puddles of water. The motor is well protected by the enclosure, so little to medium rain will not be enough to cause any damage. I have not heard of anyone reporting electric motor damage from average-intensity rain. For this reason, I am not concerned too much about additional waterproofing measures to protect the motor.

How to Waterproof Xiaomi M365?

As I already mentioned, the power switch along with the circuit board that lies beneath, are the most vulnerable components in terms of water damage. The main component of the power switch is actually located on the circuit board. It can get damaged in two ways: 1) exposure to a large amount of water will result in significant amount of water dripping onto the circuit board, potentially causing a shot-circuit; 2) small amounts of water that repeat over time, will cause the power switch and the components of the circuit board to rust. Both scenarios will potentially damage your Xiaomi M365.

In my opinion, the single most important thing you can do to waterproof your Xiaomi M365 (without going too crazy) is to place a waterproof sticker on the power switch. This single modification will significantly reduce the risk of your M365 getting damaged by the water.

  1. Find and buy a transparent, waterproof sticker that is exactly 3 cm in diameter. These dimensions will fit best on the Xiaomi M365.
A sheet of 15 waterproof stickers that I bought online

2. Clean the dashboard with damp cloth. Once it is dry, carefully place the sticker onto the dashboard. Make sure that the groove of the power switch is in the center of the sticker. If you do that, you will end up with 1 cm margin of protected area surrounding the power switch.

3. Make sure there are no air pockets underneath the sticker.

4. Congratulations! You’ve waterproofed your Xiaomi M365! This single modification significantly reduces the chance of water damage affecting your M365.

Watch the instructional hands-on video of the process

Waterproofing Other Components

If you still want to further lower the risk of water damage, I suggest you first remove the protective plate at the bottom of the deck.

  1. Check the plate for any damage, such as cracks or holes. If you find any, then the plate needs to be replaced. By the virtue of its location, the protective plate is prone to damage. If this occurs, your M365 is at an increased risk of water damage, even in the setting of light rain. Replace the plate as soon as possible.
  2. Look at the foam seal that wraps around edges of the plate. Pay particular attention to any rips and tears, as well as areas of worn seal. If the seal is intact, make sure that it is properly glued to the base all along the edges. If you find any, then the old seal needs to be completely removed and replaced with a new one.
Replacement seal, battery cushion and protective plate

Things I Don’t Recommend Doing to Waterproof Your Xiaomi M365

I don’t think it is a good idea to do any modifications involving the electric motor. Any attempts at placing a seal in the form of a silicon or plastic will prevent the heat produced by the motor from dissipating correctly. The extra heat will eventually damage the motor.

I would stay away from placing any type of silicone, rubber or plastic covers directly on top of any circuit board. Some circuit board components produce heat that heeds to dissipate. Placing a water-tight silicone or rubber covering over the circuit board may eventually damage the circuitry.

I don’t think that there are compelling reasons to place extra glue or silicone around the edges of the dashboard. The factory original adhesive is relatively strong. So, unless the dashboard cover becomes loose, I don’t recommend taking the extra effort to strengthen the seal there.

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