Xlock by Monorim – Easy Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

The Xlock by Monorim is an additional folding mechanism lock that, when installed, eliminates to probability of your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter folding during a ride.

The Xlock is essentially a second lock that is installed over the M365 folding mechanism.  One feature that makes it worthwhile installing is that the M365 can still be folded for easy portability, when needed.

Since my Xlock did not come with any installation instructions, I can assume that instructions are not included in any of them.  I decided to write this tutorial because it is not obvious how to install the Xlock.

What Xiaomi electric scooters does the Monorim Xlock fit on?

The Xlock can be installed on Xiaomi M365, M365 Pro and 1S.

Xlock: Package Contents 

  • Metal bracket (2 parts)
  • Metal ring (2 parts)
  • 2 long screws
  • 1 short screw
  • 3 latches (black, red and blue) – the blue latch is not shown because it was not included in my package
  • 1 hex key

Note: you will need two additional hex keys (pictured on the left) to install the Xlock, as they are not included in the package.

Step 1 – Remove the black screw holding the plastic ring

You will need a small hex key (not included with the Xlock)

Step 2 – Remove the plastic ring

Simply slide it from the steering column.  As you are removing the ring, be careful not to break it.  You will not need it while using the Xlock, but it will have to be put back in place if you ever decide to remove the Xlock from your M365.

Step 3 – Remove the silver screw in the front of the steering column

You will need a 1.5 mm hex key (not included with the Xlock)

Step 4 – Install the metal ring

Find the 2 halves of the metal ring and 2 plastic washers.  Place the washers on the inside of the joint.

Step 5 – Install the latch

Pick your favorite color latch and insert it into the metal ring.  Tighten it just enough to keep the ring from falling apart.  Don’t tighten it all the way just yet.

Step 6 – Install the bracket

Place the two parts of the bracket on the steering column, between the black plastic ring at the top and the metal ring below.

Use the two long screws to hold the bracket together.  Tighten them half way, don’t make it tight.

Step 7 – Slide the metal ring up onto the bracket

Slide the metal ring onto the bracket. If it doesn’t slide easily, loosen the screws a little.

Step 8 – Finish installing the bracket

Place the third short screw in the remaining socket.  Again, don’t tighten it too much at this point.

Step 9 – Adjust the tightness of all three screws holding the bracket

Slide the metal ring up onto the bracket and down.  Adjust all three screws holding the bracket together so that the metal ring can slide easily, but at the same time keeping the screws tight to keep the bracket assembly securely fastened. Try to find the sweet spot.

Step 10 – Close the latch

Close and open the latch.  Make sure that it works smoothly.

Step 11 – Test the entire assembly

Look for any loose parts, make sure the Xlock is fixed to the steering column well.  Just don’t forget that the metal ring has to slide up/down in order for you to be able to fold the scooter when needed.

Step 12 – Store unused parts safely

The plastic ring and the two screws holding it will not be needed for as long as you have the Xlock installed.  Store them in a secure place, as you will need them in case you ever want to uninstall the Xlock from your electric scooter. 

Step 13 – Congratulations.  You’ve installed the Xlock!

Happy riding!

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Visit my YouTube channel for a detailed instructional video.

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