Joyor A5 Electric Scooter

Joyor A5

The Joyor A5 is a sleek and modern-looking electric scooter from Spain.  It appears that the little known outside of the EU electric scooter company, Joyor, has set its course on beating the competition in at least one, quite important aspect – electric scooter design and style.

The Joyor A5 is a small to mid-size adult electric scooter for urban riders who appreciate the looks, as much as the performance.  Individuals who liked the looks and performance of the Segway Ninebot ES4, will certainly appreciate what Joyor has done with the A5.  Same may be true of those who like the classy looks and specifications of a Xiaomi M365 Pro.

Body Frame

Built from magnesium alloy, the main body frame provides strength, gives the scooter a very sleek and modern looks, while keeping the weight down to a minimum. 

The designers paid particular attention to the details.  They incorporated plastic spacer modules to blend very nicely with the delicate curves of the metal frame.  This is in sharp contrast to some of the high-performance electric scooters which appear as if they were made from random spare parts available at the garage.  The look of the Joyor A5 was no doubt very carefully premeditated.

The A5 comes in a choice of colors: black, white, blue, red, and yellow.

Quite possibly, the most beautiful and sleek electric scooter of 2020.


A 350 Watt electric motor is a great feature.  In terms of power, it beats the Ninebot ES4 (300 Watt) or Xiaomi M365 Pro (300 Watt).  

Having used Xiaomi M365 for many years, I do feel that the 250 Watt motor included iin the base version is a bit too weak, even for urban riding.  A higher-powered motor comes especially handy when riding uphill.  Without the power, the scooter simply slows down to a walking speed of 5 km/h or so.

Battery Pack

The Joyor A5 comes equipped with two ternary polymer lithium ion batteries.  A 36 volt 7.8 Ah unit that is hidden inside the scooter and a second 5.2 Ah external unit which is attached to the frame in the vicinity of the folding mechanism.  A scenario very similar to the Ninebot ES4.

The main 7.8 Ah battery unit takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge, which is to be expected.


The 8 inch solid (honeycomb) tires, resemble Ninebot ES4.  They certainly add to the overall appearance, while providing hassle-free riding.

Personally, I am not a big fan of solid tires.  It is true that they are virtually indestructible, but I have found that the overall ride is not as comfortable as is the case with pneumatic tires.  It is possible that the suspension of the Joyor A5 provides enough suppression making my point invalid.  

It is very possible, that as its popularity grows, pneumatic tires will become available.  I can only hope.


Front spring suspension, very nicely incorporated into the overall structure of the scooter. 

In terms of suspension, the A5 appears to be modest.


The A5 version, which includes two battery packs, weighs 14 kg (31 lbs).  While the single battery version, the A3, weighs  12.5 kg (27.5 lbs).

Range of Travel

The dual-battery Joyor A5 has an estimated maximal range of travel of 35 km km (22 miles).  As with most manufacturer-provided estimates, it should be assumed that the maximum distance can be reached under specific conditions, such as rider’s weight, road surface, temperature, etc.

Multifunction Dashboard

The LCD display provides all of the basic information, including speed in km/h or mph, riding mode, state of battery, as well as a maintenance indicator. 

The unit also supports Bluetooth connectivity with a mobile app.


Similarly to the Ninebot ES4, the Joyor A5 has been equipped with electronic brakes, as well as a foot brake.  I am in no position to discuss the performance of electronic brakes on the A5, but in the case of a Ninebot ES4 I was not thrilled.  

There are individuals who like or are indifferent towards electronic brakes.  I am not a big fan.  I wish that the Joyor A5 had optional manual brake, at least.  Otherwise it may be a deal breaker for me.


A nice touch to the overall appearance of the A5 are the built-in ambient sidelights which should please some potential buyers.

Is the Joyor A5 waterproof?

The Joyor A5 is not completely waterproof.  It should be able to withstand light drizzle or riding through a small puddle with no problem.

Can the Joyor A5 climb hills?

The A5 is capable of riding inclines of up to 15 degrees, which is a relatively standard performance specification.

Who is the Joyor A5 best suited for?

City riders who are looking for a lightweight, stylish electric scooter.  Given its maximum range of distance, the A5 will be suitable for riders who travel <20 kilometers per day.

Final Thoughts

The Joyor A5 and A3 family of electric scooters hailing from Barcelona has finally put e-scooter design and looks on par with performance specifications.  The A5 certainly is not a high-performance electric scooter which some high-power users would want.  It doesn’t offer the top speed or maximum range of distance expected of other high-priced, rugged clunks of steel.

The A5 does offer specifications which are more than enough for a daily city commuter who uses public transport to get to their destination, but would appreciate riding the last few kilometers in style, instead of walking.

Users who are considering the purchase of a Segway Ninebot ES4, Xiaomi M365 Pro or the base M365, should by no means have a look at the Joyor A5 before making a commitment.  Chances are that those who value performance, as well as style, will appreciate what Joyor has to offer.

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